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Data Management

Expert Data Management: 30 years & 300 clients

With over 30 years of seismic processing experience and more than 300 clients, Pinnacle Seismic offers expertise and capabilities unique in the on-shore seismic industry. Pinnacle combines the latest processing techniques and software with unparalleled historic knowledge to manage and process seismic data rapidly and accurately.

Quick, Personal Contact with Geophysical Staff

Pinnacle geophysical and IT staff are available for consultation at any point in the data processing sequence, no matter how large or small the project. Our in-house data management system means reports, data sampling and costs are readily available. Pinnacle clients can take care of other business, confident their data management goals are being met.

New data, old data— it doesn't matter

At Pinnacle, it doesn't matter whether seismic data is fresh, decades old or even seems unreadable. Using specialized software and techniques, Pinnacle can read, reformat, process or reprocess virtually any seismic data, and even recover unusable data. This is especially important as valuable data changes hands through licensing and acquisitions.

Customized Data Management Services

Data Auditing: Sometimes you're not sure what you've got. Whether data is at a client location, storage facility or our headquarters, Pinnacle will audit and catalogue data to ensure everything's there for processing and interpretation. Pinnacle IT professionals will review and document raw field data, survey information, observer reports, etc. to make sure there are no surprises.

Data Conversion: Historic Seismic Data may point toward oil, but it can't be processed and interpreted without being updated to the latest Society of Exploration Geophysicist (SEG) Y format. With its processing expertise and state-of-the-art software, Pinnacle will rapidly and accurately convert data from formats such as SEG-A, B, C, D, X, Western Code 4, GeoCor IV or Phoenix to the current SEG-Y standard.

Integrity Checks and Quality Control: At every step in every project, Pinnacle implements exacting QC to ensure the integrity of data, including validation of original, in-process and output data.

Archiving and Library Solutions: Pinnacle IT staff will consult on best practices for client archiving, library and storage solutions, including file compaction and remedia.

Data Delivery and Data Loading: Pinnacle will provide data to clients on virtually any media, as well as load and verify data at client locations.


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