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Seismic Processing

Seismic Processing is either 100% right or 100% wrong— a simple geometry error on just one field data record can blur identification of an oil-bearing structure. Pinnacle works to eliminate those errors before it processes a single trace, through automated and manual data analysis, a unique commitment in a computer-driven industry. Good data, processed through Pinnacle's state-of-the-art software array, produces clear and accurate results.

2D Processing

Pinnacle starts fresh on every 2D processing or reprocessing project, by reviewing field data, surveys and observer logs. Applying the latest processing techniques and implementing stringent Quality Control, Pinnacle produces new, refined data, ready for fresh interpretation or licensing.

Reprocessing historic 2D data can help find oil and increase profit because software capabilities, computing capacity and processing methodology have dramatically improved since historic 2D data was shot and first analyzed.

3D Processing

No matter how vast or complicated the acquisition of 3D data, Pinnacle identifies and correlates the necessary survey and geometric parameters to process with the highest degree of accuracy possible. Pinnacle has also assembled a software and hardware array capable of handling on-shore projects of virtually any size.

Pre-Stack Time Migration

Pinnacle specializes in the delicate process of migrating data to locate it in its proper subsurface position. Pinnacle's Pre-Stack process will identify irregular geometry, clarify complex structures, correct move outs and create a clean, crisp 2D or 3D display for accurate interpretation.

SeisSpace®/ProMAX® & Pinnacle's Specialized Software Suite

Pinnacle processes with the latest ProMAX software release, SeisSpace/ProMAX. ProMAX is the most widely used seismic processing software in the world. SeisSpace/ProMAX speeds throughput of larger data volumes via JavaSeis parallel processing, deploys full wave 3D noise suppression tools, and utilizes sophisticated pre and post-stack time and depth imaging algorithms.

In addition to SeisSpace/ProMAX, Pinnacle's software array includes Mercury International Technology's IXL Processing system, Parallel GeoScience's Processing and Tape Copy system, Green Mountain, Hampson-Russell and proprietary software packages.

Data Sampling and Delivery

Owners of seismic data want to protect their investment, while data brokers and clients need to see a sample of its value for licensing. The answer is data samples such as time slices or incremental lines of data for display or limited interpretation to enable validation of data quality. Pinnacle will provide data samples with permission.

Pinnacle will hand-deliver processed seismic data via the latest optical media (DVD), hard drive or hard copy. On-site data loading is also available.


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