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Tape Conversion & Transcription

Reduce Risk, Increase Return

Updating seismic or non-seismic data or even an entire database isn't a back burner project anymore— remedia is a critical, time-sensitive investment because magnetic tapes become unreadable and CDs develop transparencies. Remedia pays for itself through data licensing or a successful well, and it costs far less than acquiring new data.

Data Duplication

Remedia can be as simple as copying data on to the latest optical media and creating redundant records on a hard drive or network. Even in this bit-for-bit, byte-for-byte duplication process, Pinnacle implements stringent data validation and quality control measures to ensure that data remains consistent from original media, through processing, to output media.

Data Recovery

Magnetic tapes are getting "sticky" and unreadable, no matter where and how they're stored. Older CDs are developing transparencies. Pinnacle will save invaluable data from destruction through its industry-leading remedia process, transferring data to the latest media or secure platform, and recovering data that may seem unreadable.

Using its specialized hardware and software suite, Pinnacle will diagnose whether original media is decayed, even if such damage is invisible to the human eye.

Pinnacle will return magnetic tapes to readability through an emulsion hardening process. Utilizing forensic hardware and software, Pinnacle will recapture data that seems lost.

Data Compaction

As Pinnacle transfers data from magnetic tape to optical media, storage space shrinks. In fact, Pinnacle's data compaction process can reduce a warehouse of tapes to a cabinet or workstation or network, dramatically reducing if not eliminating annual storage and retrieval costs.

Pinnacle will also scan large seismic sections, survey maps, CDP-BIN plots, observer reports and other critical information as part of its data compaction and cataloguing services.

Pinnacle Can Read It

Pinnacle can read/write virtually any seismic media including 8MM, 9-Track, 3480, 3490, 3590, DLT, LTO, legacy/ magnetic, CD, DVD, Zip-Disc, Bernoulli, floppy disc and scanned documents.

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